Instant, targeted assistance for everyone.

Finding first responders is not always easy. Providing assistance in the event of an industrial accident is the task of the first response team. Everyone should be able to make an alert. We offer multiple, accessible ways to help.

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How does the Safeguard QR Sign work?

1. Scan the QR Code on the sign with your phone's camera.

You can use the Camera app on your phone for this, or a QR code scanner app. Press confirm to send the alert.

2. First response have been alerted and are on their way to your location.

The alert is sent to the first responders present. The phones ring, and they see where the alert is coming from. This information is preset for the QR call sign.

3. Talk to the first responders immediately.

You immediately enter a push-to-talk environment with the first response team. As a result, you will be spoken to immediately and you can help each other take action. You provide information, they provide hints until they arrive.

Curious what works best for you?

We’ll show you how the app works in a demo. Interested and want to see more? Discover it for yourself during a trial period. Any questions? We're happy to help.