Occupancy status

The attendance registration of in-house emergency personnel is always a difficult task. A physical emergency response board with traditional nameplates is simply not an option for many companies. Besides the fact that a lot can go wrong with this way of attendance registration, this approach is dated. Developments such as flexible working and working from home make it extra difficult to gain insight into the presence of emergency response officers. In addition, it may just be that your company consists of several branches or buildings. In short: recent developments and many variables make it extra urgent to know exactly who is where and when.

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Real-time insight into attendance with digital occupancy status

Safeguard replaces the physical emergency response occupancy status board with a digital occupancy status board. Automatic attendance registration allows you to see at a glance which emergency response officers are present in our dashboard environment. Safeguard works with geofencing and wifi points. As a Safeguard user, you are automatically logged in or logged out when you are within a certain number of meters from the company. This way, only the users who are in the building are registered. Do you also want to make the presence clear on location to, for example, colleagues? We offer the possibility to use narrowcasting. This allows you to cast the real-time presence on a screen.

Would you like to know more about digital and automatic attendance registration?

Questions often arise with regard to digital attendance registration. Because what about privacy, for example? Am I monitored as a user and does my employer constantly see where I am? Logical questions, but fortunately there is no reason to worry. Safeguard respects the privacy of its users and tries to protect it as best as possible. If you are not on location, you will not be visible in the app. In this way, emergency response officers who are not present can never be called upon and the system itself chooses the help that is available at that time. Do you want more information or do you have other questions? Reassure them! Our support team will be happy to assist you.

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