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Are you looking for a safety app? Then choose the Safeguard app. Safeguard helps to create safe working conditions. Our unique safety app offers all emergency response and first aid matters in one clear app. We put contact with the customer first and have an in-house development team. This allows us to easily move with you and development never stands still. Curious about what the app can mean for safety in your workplace? Read on quickly.

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Safety app: everything in 1 easy-to-use app

The Safeguard safety app​ helps you organize your emergency response organization. With the app you have direct insight into the presence of all on-call ERO employees. The Safeguard app is therefore a good replacement for the old-fashioned emergency response board. Employees often forget to indicate whether they are present or not. With the Safeguard app you no longer have that problem. Using geofences, the application knows exactly which employee is present and which is not. In addition, you can use the Safeguard app to call up employees for an emergency response situation. The employees receive a notification of the emergency response situation via the application on their smartphone. They can then indicate whether or not they will attend the situation. You can also send a notification to employees at a specific location. If there is an emergency at that location, only the employees of that location will be notified. All data from the app is used to create reports that provide insight into the security within your company. Based on the report, you get a good picture of the occupancy at the different locations and sectors per week. In addition, you get an overview of the reports and who has accepted and refused them.

Checklist for the safety of your employees

Have you drawn up an evacuation plan or an emergency response plan and would you like to present it to your employees? You can easily do this using the Safeguard app. You can upload and manage checklists in the app. Employees who have the application on their smartphone can view these checklists. This way they always have the evacuation plan at hand.

Try the safety app for free!

Many companies already use our system, such as Amphia Hospital, VANAD Group and Ingram Micro. Do you want to know what the app can mean for security within your company? Then try our safety app for free. During this trial period you can use all functions of the application. This way you get a good impression of the application and you know whether it suits your organization. Are you excited about the Safeguard app? Feel free to ask for a demo or the brochure.


Do you have questions about the Safeguard app? Please contact us. We are happy to help you. You can contact us via the contact form on our website. We can also be reached by telephone and e-mail.

Ready to try Safeguard yourself?

We’ll show you how the app works in a demo. Interested and want to see more? Discover it for yourself during a trial period. Any questions? We're happy to help.