Panic buttons

Our app is more than just a calling system. For example, we offer the possibility to have integrations such as alarm buttons work together with Safeguard. No company is the same. No company emergency organization is the same. Because while one person is satisfied with a simple composition of their emergency response, another has to take into account situations that go further than possible industrial accidents. For example, we have existing customers who, in addition to emergency assistance, also need to have a plan for crisis management. That is why we offer several options for linking both existing and new alarm systems with Safeguard.


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Crisis management panic button

You hope not to use them, but a panic button can give you a sense of security. As described above, every company has its own risks. We also have clients who deal with crisis management such as aggression in the workplace. For example, we have equipped the consultation rooms of a municipality that is affiliated with Safeguard with panic buttons. If a calamity occurs, contact is made with the Safeguard Dashboard at the touch of a button. A special aggression team can then be called in immediately.

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