Alarm emergency response team

Quickly and effectively alarm emergency response team? The ERO, the company emergency response, is of indispensable value within every company. After all, something can always happen, an accident is just around the corner. Especially when many people work within a company, it is important that the emergency response team is present, so that they can manage everything in the right direction in case of emergency and prevent worse. After all, the emergency response team knows what to do if someone suddenly becomes unwell, if someone has broken something, if a fire breaks out or if everyone has to leave the building as quickly as possible for any other reason. Emergency response officers have followed special training for this. They provide first aid after an accident or, for example, evacuate all people who are in the building at that time. During an accident or emergency, the emergency response team keeps a cool head. Due to the importance of the emergency response team, the emergency response team is mandatory when you as an employer employ at least one person. But how can you quickly and easily reach the emergency response team present at the time of an accident or emergency? How can you alert the emergency response team in time and inform them of the accident or emergency and how do they know exactly where to go? The Safeguard App has been developed to make all this possible and thus increase the security at your company.

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Alert emergency response with the Safeguard response system

The emergency response system has been specially developed to increase safety within your company. By using the app, you know exactly which emergency response officers are present, where these emergency response officers are located within your company, which emergency response officers are on site and where the emergency response officer is at that time. You can easily alarm the emergency response team with the app. If an accident occurs within your company or if there is an emergency situation, the emergency response officers will be notified on their smartphone via the app. This notification also immediately tells the emergency response team where they should be and what is going on. By responding to the report, emergency response officers can immediately indicate whether or not they can go on site. The emergency response officer can then respond to this report and indicate whether or not he or she can go on site.

Because a tracking function is built into the emergency response system, it is clear at any time where the emergency response officers are located within the company. This means that the ERO knows where he or she needs to be and you can see exactly where the ERO is located and how long it will take before an ERO is on site. In this way, the app provides a clear overview of the situation during an accident or emergency, which benefits both the emergency response officer and you as an employer!

The Safeguard emergency response system has not only been developed for use during an accident or emergency. Safeguard's emergency response system also gives you insight into the safety data of your company. All relevant data is stored in the app. This data is then clearly displayed in the app by means of a visual display. In this way, Safeguard gives you an up-to-date and reliable picture of the security performance of your organization in both the short and long term. This information is not only useful to gain insight into the safety of your company, but can also be useful for government inspections, for example. With the data from the app you can immediately and easily demonstrate that your employees work safely. The emergency response system is designed in a native app that is available for Android and IOS. The app has a modular structure and can be delivered by us in the house style of your company at your request.

Do you also want to increase the safety of your company in a quick and easy way by quickly alarming the emergency response team? Request a pilot without obligation. When you request the pilot, you can get acquainted with Safeguard's emergency response software free of charge and without any obligation during a predetermined period. You can try out all the basic functions of the app during this period. Be convinced by the ease of use and the advantages of our app! Do you want to know more about the exact operation of the Emergency response app or do you have a specific question, please contact us. We are happy to tell you more about our app and our services. It is our goal to increase security within your company and we would like to hear from you what we can do for you!

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