Need an emergency app?

Looking for an emergency app? Are you looking for an application that allows you to call up the right people at the touch of a button? Stop your search, take a look around our site and find the solution you are looking for. We have developed an application that makes it possible to make an emergency call as efficiently as possible. See at a glance where the problem is and call in the right help. Our system searches for the fastest available help available in the building and provides the correct information to solve the calamity as well as possible.

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Creation of Safeguard emergency app

With Safeguard as an emergency app you can better guarantee your safety. Why? We looked at emergency organizations; how these are composed, how they perform their task and what they need to do this as well as possible. We noticed that a number of variables did not benefit safety and there was room for improvement in many areas. However, these points turned out to have a common denominator that we have to look for in ourselves. Human actions often go wrong and that is of course quite normal. But when it comes to security, we want a solution and we have it: Safeguard!

Safeguard: your emergency app

To give a little insight into our emergency app, we would like to give a few examples based on the observation mentioned above. This is how the attendance registration of some emergency organizations went - and continues to be with a presence sign or emergency response board. This method of attendance registration is quite error-prone. For example, people regularly forget to log in or out. With Safeguard, a user is automatically logged in or out when entering or leaving the premises. Always insight into the exact occupation! In addition, we often heard that things went wrong when using the walkie-talkie; the battery is empty, it is set to the wrong channel or simply do not know how it works. We also offer a simple solution for this (Push-To-Talk). And finally, of course, the calling. This is accompanied by the attendance registration. When there is a calamity, our system immediately looks for the right and fastest possible help.

Want to know more about Safeguard? Be sure to check out our website! If you can't figure it out or do you already have questions that you can't find the answer to? Feel free to call or email us. We have a support team ready to assist you.

Ready to try Safeguard yourself?

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