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IBN is a social enterprise with a social mission. Gerrit and his team ensure that people who need support receive it and are guided to work.

"Everyone has talent. You do too. And just like everyone else, you deserve the opportunity to develop this through suitable work. We aim for a labor market in which everyone participates."

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IBN's social mission is to train people who need support towards work, so that these people are ready to earn independently and outside of the legal minimum wage after a certain period of time.

IBN is giving shape to this training by working on a number of products such as the Brekr moped, car mats and a lamp designed by Moooi.

The challenge

In a workshop with many diverse activities and personnel, we need to figure out daily  “who takes the radio?”, “who is available?” and “where are the emergency response officers located?”. The company's focus is on their people. That’s why we must pay attention to this.

For John Kuipers, head of emergency response, safety means offering a safe workplace, where employees handle machines and chemicals in a responsible manner. When these kinds of issues aren’t taken care of,  the attention to the employees may not be sufficient, or it’s not possible to act on time when necessary. 

The solution

IBN has managed to solve these issues by using the following functionalities:

  • Push-to-Talk

  • Automatic attendance registration

  • Dividing properties into sectors

Because the focus should be on educating people, it’s convenient that the app can be used by anyone. IBN has assessed three other providers and eventually chose Safeguard because of its user-friendliness. As a result, minimal time is lost when implementing the app.

"People are in our DNA. That also gives a commercial power because people buy from people. And that's also one of the reasons we chose Safeguard. The presentation, the reception, the explanation. That's actually the reason: people buy from people."

Gerrit Timmermans, IBN


The result

Safeguard is currently used at 5 IBN locations. There is insight into availability, everyone is reachable  when needed and they can focus with a more relaxed feeling on what is actually the most important: people.

Interested or questions?

Feel free to contact us! Together we create a secure foundation for your organization.

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