Centralized working within a single management system

Whether you work in a factory, warehouse or production center, you are probably aware of the importance of safety to the day-to-day business.


Why Safeguard?

Every day, companies in the industrial sector manage large projects across different locations, under the supervision of different parties and safety coordinators. With large sites that often include many employees across the area, it is a major challenge to gain insight into the security organization.

In the same way, every production or logistics company should be able to alert only a small group of emergency responders in specific cases rather than the entire floor, to avoid unwanted panic, unnecessary loss of time and lost productivity.

Everyone makes mistakes. Whether it's because of the fatigue of employees or a miscommunication when changing shifts. The industry is, after all, a sector with a higher risk. It is precisely for this reason that industrial companies must continue to apply the highest safety standards to ensure the safety of personnel. In no other industry, it is more important that the coordinator has real-time insight into the call ability of the emergency response organization - by sector and location.

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Our solution:

Safeguard allows multiple teams and organizations to work within a simple, centralized management system.

Scenarios and situations can change rapidly in an industrial environment, bringing different types of security risks every time. With Safeguard, emergency response coordinators and prevention advisors can easily take any changes in the working environment into account and ensure a consistent and easy-to-manage safety organization. Our customizable checklists provide flexible oversight and management of the emergency response organization.

Safeguard also allows you to oversee safety on-site together with other coordinators, teams or organizations. This helps you optimize the occupation of responders both on and off-site, resulting in a safer working environment.

We know the importance of efficiency in industry. In the event of an emergency, Safeguard can alert everyone in the building or on the premises by means of a text message, even if they don’t have Safeguard installed. Informing the crisis communication team is also quick and easy with the touch of a button. At the same time, the Safeguard app allows you to alarm preset groups or run predefined scenarios. This way you always have the ability to alert the right group of people at the right time, and avoid loss of productivity or chaos in the workplace.

Most importantly, Safeguards real-time location tracking allows you to measure exactly how many security personnel are available at any time, at any location, on or off site. You will always have a clear insight into the occupation and availability of your security team, regardless of the amount of flex workers employed

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Efficient supervision of crisis management and corporate safety

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