Efficient monitoring of crisis management and corporate security

Is your hospital or healthcare facility able to monitor crisis management and business security with minimal costs and efficiently? Safeguard knows how important it is to manage care staff with optimum efficiency. We use a data-driven approach to facilitate the fastest possible response time, consistent accessibility, and best-in-class employee availability.


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How can Safeguard optimize the efficiency of your healthcare facility while saving costs?

Over the years we have learned that the key to a successful emergency response organization is a compact, highly motivated team of dedicated emergency response officers. In practice, however, it appears that emergency response coordinators often have no idea where the emergency response officers are located in the building. It also appears that due to flexible working hours and working at different locations, emergency response officers often do not know who is present and where.

In order to ensure safety, the majority of hospitals and healthcare facilities are equipped with an inefficient number of emergency response officers and first aid workers. A lack of efficiency leads to more first responders being trained than necessary, leading to wasted budgets, inconsistent shift schedules, and lack of insight.

More importantly, in the event of an emergency in which residents must be alerted (ZiROP), or when informing a particular group of people about an incident, contemporary alarm and communication systems fail to come up with a suitable solution.

With time being the number one resource for managing critical situations, most organizations still resort to old communication or alarm systems.

It's outdated to notify a department head or crisis manager so that in turn he or she can  alert all other rescuers or go through a call list to inform all stakeholders one by one in the event of a crisis. This can be done differently.

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Solution: Safeguard
With the real-time location determination of the security personnel, you always have a clear picture of how many emergency response officers are available at any given time and at any location. Regardless of the number of flex workers in your security organization, you will know exactly how many emergency workers are available at any time of the day.

Over time you will be able to use the data that Safeguard generates to optimize the utilization of your security organization. Ultimately, this makes for an efficient, time-saving and fully dedicated safety team.

The data Safeguard measures will also affect other aspects of your emergency response organization. The course of a report during a drill or calamity is closely recorded, so that you know exactly what action needs to be addressed more during a training.

One of our customers and also development partner, the Amphia hospital, has to train more than 300 fewer emergency response officers through Safeguard. The result is high cost savings and a significant improvement in operational efficiency.

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Our advanced alarm notification system means that you can also inform large groups of people who aren’t connected with Safeguard at scale. All of this can be done with a single push of a button, so that both local residents and volunteers can be informed or alerted at once (ZiROP).

Because Safeguard shows who is available at which location at any time of the day, you can always alert the right people in the shortest possible time - saving crucial minutes when you need them most. Safeguard also allows you to set up predefined scenarios so that when a particular situation arises, the appropriate personnel can be notified immediately. There is no need for call sheets and old-fashioned alarm systems any more.

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