No matter the working environment, Safeguard ensures that your business runs as safely as possible, thereby upholding the wellbeing of your employees.
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Our products


We help companies create safer work environments by implementing a full-spectrum, tech-driven approach to safety management, facilitating the intersection between IoT technology and mobile devices.
Real-time Presence Observation
Through innovative Geofencing technology, Safeguard automatically detects the location, availability and presence of emergency personnel (only while they’re on-site).
Push to Talk
Use the Push to talk function to communicate with your colleagues in the event of an emergency.
Send controlled alarms
Use pre-defined groups to alarm the right people during any emergency situation. This saves emergency personnel valuable, critical time when it is most needed.
Pre-defined emergency scenarios
Safeguard enables you to add pre-defined, customized scenarios in your Safeguard dashboard, thereby ensuring that personnel know exactly what to do and who to alert, depending on the nature of the situation at hand. This also makes the process of alerting the right people significantly faster.


The Safeguard dashboard is built exclusively for admin users. Generally, these are safety supervisors, operational executives or front-of-office managers. During an emergency or critical situation, their role is to act as a central point of communication.
Advanced reporting analytics
Safeguard tracks the performance of your emergency personnel. This data can then be used to optimize your organization’s processes and overall safety levels, enabling you to significantly reduce cost and time expenditures.
Safety checklists
Custom checklists can contain evacuation plans or other useful procedures to follow in case of an emergency. These checklists can be linked to a certain location, allowing emergency personnel to only see relevant information based on the location that they’re in.
Custom geofence mapping
In the Safeguard dashboard, you’re able to create custom locations and sections that enable you to alarm groups of people per location or section instead of the whole organization. In combination with custom scenarios, you’re able to use these specific scenarios per location.
Create custom groups to be sure to always alarm the right group of people at every emergency situation. You can add a group called ``Emergency Responders`` or ``Management`` so that you can alarm with precision and speed.

Other functionalities

Besides our mobile phone application and dashboard system, we provide our clients with some additional extras.
Safeguard Integrations
Plug Safeguard into your fire alarm hardware systems to have full control over your safety organization. Integrate Safeguard into other IoT systems like Knowingo and IoTspot to gather even more data on your Safety organization. We will keep adding custom integrations over time.
Read more on integrations
Apple TV
Show the whole organisation which emergency personnel are available through our Apple TV integration, allowing you to replace outdated attendance boards in your front-of-house.
Lone Worker system (coming soon)
The specially designed lone worker module from Safeguard ensures that your lone workers never have to be alone again while performing their work.


We’re about safety, and with impeccable safety must come impeccable support. What do we mean by ‘support’?
Help desk
We’ve got a dedicated team that you can contact via email, telephone, or through our on-site chat widget. We want to ensure that whatever questions you may have are answered in real time, and that we’re able to help you through any technical or product-related queries.
“Safeguard is a very user-friendly app for our safety team. The development team behind the system applies a strong client-centric UX approach, and the support team is very helpful and friendly”
Jan Martien Touw, Manager of Safety and Tech Systems at The Amphia Hospital.
In-app support feature
In our world, ‘support’ also means that you’ll benefit from extensive in-app assistance through our helpdesk. If any problems arise, you’re able to contact us without even leaving the Safeguard app.
Updates & Maintenance
We’ll ensure that your Safeguard is always up to date, and at no additional cost, we’ll make sure that everything in your Safeguard app is optimized and maintained in line with your organization’s specific needs and requirements.


Support team
Our support team consist of a well organised team that will always respond within 24 hours. Our app has an build in support feature as well wich can be used to contact us directly!
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