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All functionalities
Notifiable through push message
Also through silent mode
Notifiable through prio-SMS
Serves as a back-up €0,17 per SMS
Alarm users yourself
Call up existing employees.
Alarm users through scenarios yourself
Activate a scenario with one click
Automatic presence registration
Automatic registration on multiple locations
Insight in presence of other users
Insight into existing colleagues
Using checklists
View relevant checklists per location.
Review alarm notifications
View closed and open notifications.
Start a conference call
€10,- per month per location
Call to emergency number
Directly the emergency number of your location at hand.
Own profile
Manage your own profile.
Insight in presence (even when your not on location yourself)
At all times insight into the presence of your employees at different locations.
Web dashboard
All functionalities
Notify users
Call up existing employees.
Notify users through scenarios
Activate a scenario with one click
View presence
At all times insight into the presence of your employees.
View alarm notifications
View closed and open notifications.
Add and delete users.
Create groups
Add, edit and delete groups that can be notified separately.
Location management
Add, edit and delete locations.
Checklist management
Add, edit and delete checklists.
Scenario management
Add, edit and delete scenarios.
Advanced analytics
View presence and reports in a clear report.
Export analytics data
Export reports to an Excel documen
Support through chat
Direct contact with someone from the helpdesk.
All functionalities
Support desk
Support desk Mon to Fri 09:00 CET to 17:00 CET
Performance Safeguard 99,8%
Anonymize data
Usage data is anonymised.
Continious development
Improvements and additions to the platform.
Help with the implementation of the system.
all apps up to date
All functionalities
Apple TV app
Insight in presence and showing instructions
Safeguard Alert
Alarm notification to all employees through prio SMS. €0,17 per SMS
Fire alarm system integration & Panic button integration

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