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About Safeguard

In order to guarantee the safety of the staff, companies are obliged to train and have sufficient in-house emergency services. However, the methods that companies use to alert, communicate and keep up with the occupation are very out of date. To date, buzzers and presence signs are often still used. In an era where automation, data collection and efficiency are the norm, we knew that this could be done better. Measuring = knowing.


That is why we started Safeguard in 2015. A company that helps the safety organization to optimize processes. A company that thrives on the combination of ‘technology’ & ‘simplicity’. A company where safety workers like to work with because they know that this is the best partner to jointly modernize the current way of alarm and communication during a crisis or calamity.


Gertjan and Ingmar.

For press inquiries or approvals please contact:
Ingmar Vroege
+31 6 51 53 04 20

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What differentiates us?

Our team
Our team is diverse and consists of talented marketers, developers and designers. All processes, from design to development, are carried out within the organization so that we can guarantee the quality of Safeguard at all times.
Our software
Safeguard is a SaaS solution, which stands for ``Software as a Service``. With this we mean that you are not only paying for the product, but also for support and future development of the app. This ensures that your safety solution is never outdated.
Our support
We have a special support team that you can contact via e-mail, telephone or our web chat. We ensure that all your questions are answered in real time and that we are at your service for technical or product-related questions.