Guarantee the safety of your lone workers.

Our specially-designed lone worker module enables safety managers to equip their lone workers with a user friendly tool that watches over them during the work they perform alone. In the event of an accident or critical situation, the app alerts the right people automatically.
With Safeguard's unique technology, the lone worker module knows who is close enough to react (ERO's, crisis managers or control rooms).
Thanks to our lone worker module it's not needed anymore to manually check if your lone workers are OK, this will be done by the app itself, saving time and eliminating human errors.

How it works

Lone workers are able to activate the lone worker function through the Safeguard app for a certain amount of time. When there is no movement or the inserted time has passed the app asks the lone worker if he/she's ok. If there is no reaction or a negative reaction the app automatically sends out an alert with the last known location of the lone worker to the nearest Emergency Response Officers. Lone workers are also able to alarm directly in case of an emergency by pressing the alarm button.


Easy to use app.

Be compliant with your risk assessment.

Easy to implement.

Fast and reliable alarm follow up.

No-movement detection.

No manual check is needed to see if the lone workers are ok.

Time alarm.

Location determination.

The Safeguard Techology

By combining Safeguard’s technology with the lone worker module, a whole new dimension of alerting becomes available. Our solution changes the following situation:

Step 1

Lone worker sends out an alarm.

Step 2

Control room receives the alarm and follows up.

Step 3

The right responders are alarmed and respond according to procedures.

Because of the Safeguard technology that automatically knows who's available, step 2 can be eliminated which saves time but also eliminates human errors.


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