Are big projects taking up all of your time? Whether you’re running a factory, warehouse or manufacturing centre, you’ll know how important safety is to the daily running of your business.

However, with limited hours in a day, we understand how difficult it is to constantly and consistently prioritize the importance of safety. That’s where we come in: The Safeguard app helps you to easily manage all of the day-to-day aspects of your business’s safety, giving you back the time you need to meet those looming deadlines.

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Light and Heavy Industry

Whether you’re running a factory, warehouse or manufacturing centre, you’ll know how important safety is to the daily running of your business.
Why do you need Safeguard?

Each day, businesses in the industrial sector manage big projects spread over various locations, overseen by various stakeholders and on-the-ground personnel. With large sites that often entail many workers scattered over the area, the challenge of thoroughly overseeing safety is a large one, especially when you’re unable to see the exact location of each safety worker. In the same breath, every industrial business should be able to alarm only a small group of decision makers in specific instances instead of the whole floor, sparing unwanted panic, productivity declines and unnecessary time wasting.

We’re all subject to mistakes, and with shift changes between fatigued workers who may have forgotten even the slightest aspect of their training, every industrial business needs to uphold the highest possible safety standards. At the very least, industrial operations need to have real-time insight into the availability and locations of all of their safety team-members.

Our Solution:

Safeguard allows multiple teams and organizations to work within a singular, centralised management system.

Scenarios and situations change quickly in any industrial environment, affecting both the physical environment in your organization, as well as the types of safety risks. With Safeguard, departmental heads and safety supervisors can easily account for any changes to a working environment, ensuring consistent agility and up-to-date, easy-to-manage functionality. Our adjustable checklists also ensure smooth oversight and management of safety workers and personnel.

Safeguard also enables you to create partnerships between personnel, teams or with other organizations, allowing you to optimize the occupancy of safety-workers both on- and off-site, ensuring a safer work environment.

We know the definitive factor in your industry- efficiency. In the event of an emergency, our SMS alarm-notification system allows you to alert the entire building, as well as external people and organizations that opt-in with their phone numbers. At the same time, the Safeguard app facilitates pre-formed groups and scenarios, allowing you to alert the right group of people at the right time- upholding your productivity levels and ensuring consistency in your operations, even in the worst case scenario.

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