Frequently Asked Questions
  • Do I have to configure my WIFI routers to use Safeguard?

    No, this is not necessary. We do advise you to prioritize the Safeguard data traffic on your network for optimal use.

  • When does the Safeguard app work best for an iPhone?

    - Allow Notifications.

    - Location on Always.

    - Motion & Fitness on.

    - Background App Refresh on.

    - Wifi & Mobile Data on.

    - Battery Low Power Mode off.

    - Airplane Mode off.

    - VPN off.

    - Open the app from time to time when this is far back in the app switcher.

    - Open the app when you receive the notification “Warning your app has been terminated. Press here to activate the Safeguard app”.

    - Make sure your device and App are up to date.

  • When does the Safeguard app work best for an Android device?

    - Enable notifications and put them on high importance mode.

    - Enable locations and put them on high accuracy.

    - Improve accuracy by enabling Wifi & Bluetooth scanning.

    - Enable Wifi & Mobile Data

    - Aeroplane mode off.

    - Battery saver off.

    - VPN off.

    - Firewall off.

    - Task killer off.

    - Virusscanner off.

    - Make sure your device, app and Google Play-services are up to date.

  • Who are the people behind Safeguard?

    We are a team of Dutch developers, designers and account managers. All development is done in-house.

  • Is Safeguard in continuous development?

    Yes, we are perpetually working on new features and improvements, striving daily to keep our product the best in the market.

  • What percentage uptime does Safeguard guarantee?

    Safeguard guarantees 99,8% uptime, excluding expected and/or planned maintenance work.

  • Is my data secure?

    The short answer: Yes. The long answer: Safeguard uses no plain text communication whatsoever. Communication between all app components, including connections to the database, the message queue and other HTTP connections, are safely encrypted. User passwords, access tokens and any other stored information is also encrypted.

  • Where does Safeguard store the data?

    We use Amazon Web Services (AWS), whereby our data is stored in Ireland. We choose to use AWS because this is the fastest, safest and most reliable cloud hosting service available.

  • Is it possible to install Safeguard on our own servers?

    No, Safeguard is a cloud-based, Software as a Service application. We maintain our servers, security and updates so you don't have to and so that we are able to guarantee the quality of service.

  • What happens if I decide to stop with Safeguard?

    You can cancel your subscription at any time (if you have a monthly plan). You only receive an invoice for the period you used Safeguard, no strings attached.


Do you need more information on Safeguard? Or could you use some help with using the system? Please do get in touch with our support team through the webchat or contact form.
Organisation: Safeguard B.V.
Address: Rijksweg 134, 4255GP, Nieuwendijk, The Netherlands
Phone number: +31 (0) 85 902 1090

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