Frequently asked questions

You may have questions about Safeguard or one of our products. That’s why we’ve listed  the most frequently asked questions for you. Maybe the answer you're looking for is already here!


Yes. Safeguard has a dashboard available where you can alert from a central point. This dashboard can be accessed from internet browsers on a PC, laptop or tablet.

Safeguard has employees who can do this for you. We guide you from A to Z or only where this is desired. And we will also help you after the implementation; our support department is here to help every day.

The Safeguard app is designed to make implementation easy. You can perform the entire implementation from your own Safeguard dashboard. Of course, we always support where necessary and we can even take on the entire implementation. When it comes to a relatively small emergency response organization, implementation is often arranged within a day!

Sure. Please contact us for a free demo, where we will walk you through the entire system. After the demo you can first try Safeguard free of charge and without obligation within your emergency response organization for 14 days.

No. Because the app is super easy to use, no education or training is necessary. After installation, an automated guided tour of the app will guide users. In addition, an online manual is available for both the Safeguard app and the Safeguard dashboard.

Definitely! Our support department is available during working hours by phone, in-app chat and email. Any Safeguard user can use it.

From the implementation process to using the app, we always provide support and make sure you experience Safeguard optimally! In addition, we can also support you earlier in the process. We have all the information we need in relation to information security, which makes the purchasing process as smooth as possible.

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